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Canola Oil Food Bar and the “All You Should NEVER Eat Special …

Then what is canola oil ? You thought it was like corn or soy, and you thought those used to be okay, remember?

MiMi Bakery House: Banana Cupcakes (Using Canola Oil)

Today, I am trying a new banana cupcake recipe. But because of the heavily stocked up of canola oil , I decided to replace the butter to canola oil …which apparently will make these cupcakes a little more healthy than usual.

Can You Give a Horse Canola Oil? – the Chronicle of the Horse

Only have a vegetable canola oil blend in the house and am running out of corn oil in the barn. Want to add some oil to the mash tonight. Thoughts?

Canola Oil: The #1 Hidden Health 'danger' at the Prepared Food Bar

Now, whether or not there really is any such thing as organic canola oil , well, the jury is still out on that one.

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